Driving Organic Growth: How a UK-Based White & Private Label CBD Manufacturer Achieved High Quality Traffic Through Strategic SEO

In this Case Study

In this case study we’re going to take a look at a White & private label CBD Manufacturer in the United Kingdom. The engagement goal was to drive quality traffic that would convert into quality leads via their website. Due to restrictions placed on the paid advertising platforms of CBD products, the company’s main source of growth was organic. Let’s take a look at the strategies that enabled this business to thrive in the digital world.

Client Profile

Our client operates in the thriving CBD industry, which is renowned for its rapid growth and innovation. Within this industry, they specialise in White and Private labelling of the CBD products. They provide an extensive catalog of white and private label CBD products, including CBD oil, Face Care,  Skin Care, Hair Care, Sports Gel and more. What truly sets them apart is their commitment to tailoring these high quality CBD products to their customer’s branding, ensuring each item reflects the individuality of the businesses they serve. They focus on catering to businesses within the CBD industry that seek high-quality, customisable CBD products for resale. Understanding the unique preferences and demands of these B2B clients is essential to their marketing strategy.

Target Market: UK & Europe – Czech, Poland, France & Germany.

The Challenges

Upon conducting a thorough audit, it became evident that the client’s website lacked essential On-page SEO optimisation,  Content Quality and Relevance, Technical SEO Issues and Quality backlinks which lead to the irrelevant traffic and low lead count. These challenges formed the foundation of our engagement with the client, and addressing them became the primary focus of our organic digital strategy. In the following section, we will look at how these barriers were overcome and the results obtained in this case study.

Our Approach

  1. Comprehensive On-Page SEO Overhaul: To address the On-Page SEO issue, we started a full On-Page SEO overhaul of the client’s website. We did keyword research to find high-value, keyword-rich keywords and strategically incorporated them into the content. We optimised meta tags, headers, and content structure on all pages.
  2. Content Strategy and Enhancement: Addressing the content quality and relevance issues was a top priority. Existing content was revamped, and new, informative pieces were developed to address user queries and establish the client as an authoritative source in the CBD industry.
  3. Technical SEO Remediation:  Fixed accessibility, Canonical tags, Broken links, Image Optimisation, Page Load Time, Fully Mobile-Responsive, Schema Markup for FAQs to improve search results.
  4. Strategic Link Building Campaign: We devised a strategic link-building campaign which was missing piece in the SEO efforts. We sought high-quality, authoritative websites within the industry to establish valuable backlinks. This process aimed to enhance the client’s website authority and improve its rankings in search results.

Knowing that SEO is an ongoing process, we monitored website performance, regularly updated content, and updated SEO strategies based on industry trends and algorithm updates throughout the year. With this proactive approach, we were  able to stay ahead of the competition in the ever-evolving digital world.


Now, coming to the most interesting part here is an overview of what we have accomplished with our Strategic SEO Approach in just 6 months.

  1. Keyword Rankings Soared:
    • 10 high-value keywords made it to the top 3 of the most sought-after SERPs

    • 6 high-value keywords confidently made it to the Top 10 of the top 10 SERPs

    • 22 high-value keywords landed in the highly competitive top 100 search results

  2. 50% Increase in Organic Traffic:
    • The organic traffic surged by 50%. This indicates that our SEO strategy is effective in driving targeted and quality traffic to our client’s website.

  3. Boost in Sessions:
    • The number of sessions went up by 30%, indicating better user engagement and more interest in the client’s products.
  4. Expansion of New Users:
    • The number of new visitors to the site increased by 48%, a huge increase!


Not only did these results prove that our digital marketing was effective, but they also resulted in business leads to our client’s business. The increased visibility, higher ranking, and organic traffic all contributed to the company’s overall success and position as one of the leading in companies offering White and Private label CBD manufacturing.


In this case, we went on a mission to unlock the organic growth for a UK based White & private label CBD Manufacturer. We used a data-driven, strategic approach to overcome the challenges and saw amazing results within a year.

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